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Our Leadership Team

Gary Comstock

Gary joined Southwest Property Management in 2003 and manages the operations side of the company. Gary has combined his vast knowledge of property management with high standards of customer service to guide Southwest in becoming a leader in the Community Association Management business in the state of Florida. Gary is responsible for the overall management of the company, including overseeing the hiring of all employees and new business development. He has propelled the company forward with the adoption of advanced property management software and constant updates of existing software. Gary believes in a “high-tech / high-touch” futuristic approach to the management of the company and to the management of all Southwest communities. Gary believes that technology is greatest when it allows people to communicate better. 

Rest of the Team

Our Fantastic CAMS

Our licensed community association managers are friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and professional.

They know that communication is key and work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.


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